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Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

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Terms of sale
1.      The minimum order is 8€ excluding shipment cost.
2.      The shipping costs include the packaging and shipping by mail.
3.      Orders are to be paid by the means provided on the site:
Cheque (must then wait for the check to be credited)
·         Seeds:

The proposed seeds are freshly harvested and come in any case of a storage season.
The utmost care is taken in packaging and packaging of seeds.
Small orders are carried out according to the weight and volume of seeds bubble envelopes in priority mail. However, the same items can be made at the request of client recommended.
·         Seedlings:

As for the seeds, the utmost care is taken in packaging and packaging seedlings.
Depending on the species, they will be shipped with roots moistened within the appropriate legal package.
If the customer wants can have its dispatched as recommended seedlings.


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